Eurogamer: Upgraded Nintendo Switch to be announced soon to ensure that third parties can reveal compatible titles at E3

The rumour mill is churning at high speeds today as more reports are coming in surrounding the highly-anticipated, but not yet officially announced Nintendo Switch ‘Pro’. Earlier today, we reported that Bloomberg lifted the lid on some potentially exciting news that an upgraded Switch model will be revealed any time now. Emily Rogers has also subtly chimed in giving everyone another reason to keep refreshing social media for an official announcement.

Now it’s Eurogamer who is pointing towards an imminent announcement to the improved Nintendo Switch saying the following on the matter “Nintendo’s long-awaited Switch upgrade is expected to be shown ahead of E3 2021, according to a report published by Bloomberg [paywall] today and Eurogamer’s own sources.”. News Editor Tom Phillips also goes on the explain the reason as to why it could be revealed before E3, “I understand this is to ensure third-parties working on games which support the upgraded Switch are free to announce these projects at E3, and before Nintendo’s own digital showcase later in that week.”.

Time will tell, but rest assured, we will let you know as soon as we hear any announcement.


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