Nights Dream Wheel from SEGA turns out to be a casino slot machine

There was plenty of excitement from SEGA fans back in July 2019 when it emerged that SEGA had trademarked a mysterious new Nights into Dreams title called, Nights Dream Wheel. The original game for the SEGA Saturn is currently celebrating its 25th anniversary at the moment and long-term SEGA fans were certain back then that Nights Dream Wheel would be an original new Nights game to celebrate the series history. It turns out that Nights Dream Wheel is actually a slot machine game at San Manuel Casino in California, which is shame for those who still enjoy the original SEGA Saturn title which was pegged by The Sonic Team to be a Mario 64 killer back in 1996. Nights into Dreams never enjoyed the level of success which SEGA had envisioned, but it still lives on as a classic SEGA game.

Props to My Nintendo News reader RPG Hacker for correctly guessing it was going to be a slot machine game back in July 2019!

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