Nintendo Switch sales overtake the 3DS with 79.87 million consoles shipped worldwide – My Nintendo News

The Nintendo Switch has been an immensely successful system for Nintendo coming of the back of the Wii U console. Nintendo has shared sales details today for their current platform and they have confirmed that the Switch has already overtaken the immensely successful Nintendo 3DS. The Kyoto-based company says a total of 79.87 million units have been shipped worldwide. Nintendo says they shipped 24.1 million units over nine months, which is a rise of 36% compared with the same period the year prior. Here’s some details:

 Fiscal year ending March 31st sales:

  • 16.7 million Nintendo Switch consoles sold
  • 7.3 million were the Switch Lite device
  • Software sales reached 176.1 million units, a rise of 43% over the year before

Best-selling Nintendo platforms:

  1. Nintendo DS (154 million),
  2. Nintendo Wii (101.6 million)
  3. Game Boy (118.7 million)
  4. Game Boy Advance (81.5 million)
  5. Nintendo Switch (79.87 million)


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