Nintendo using new Nvidia graphics chip in Switch upgrade and analysts expecting $399 price point – My Nintendo News

Bloomberg is reporting that the more powerful upcoming Nintendo Switch model, which is speculated to arrive later this year, will feature an upgraded Nvidia chip resulting in better graphics and processing. The more powerful new model will feature DLSS (Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling) which uses artificial intelligence to deliver higher resolution visuals (up to 4K docked). The new Nintendo Switch model will also feature a better 7″ OLED display upgrade and the Nvidia chip will result in a better CPU and increased memory. However, sources have told Bloomberg that the DLSS support “will require new code to be added to games, so it’ll primarily be used to improve graphics on upcoming titles.” Analyst expect the new and improved Switch to cost between $349 and $399.

“$349.99 will increase the value proposition of the device, but I still think Nintendo can drive strong demand even at $399.99,” he said.


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