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Although Reggie Fils-Aimé isn’t with Nintendo anymore, he’s still very much highly regarded as being one of the most memorable figures in the gaming industry from the last few years. Whether it’s due to his presence on stage at E3 conferences or his warm persona on and offline, Reggie still takes part in gaming podcasts and award ceremonies to this day. Most recently, the ex Nintendo of America president attended the New York Gaming Awards Twitch stream and here he spoke about his achievements at Nintendo.

Reggie talks about the lacklustre Wii U sales and touches on the Nintendo Switch being a “make or break product” which, thankfully, the console has become a huge global hit with consumers. Sales wise, the Wii U sold just over 13 million units whereas the Switch has sold more than 68 million units (as of September last year). It’s often said that the Wii U was a ‘stepping stone’ to the Nintendo Switch we all enjoy today.

Here are some snippets from the Twitch stream with Reggie Fils-Aimé but you can view the whole video here:

“You know, Nintendo has done so many innovations in the space… I think what Nintendo did with the Switch, after the poor performance of Wii U, I think to me and what I was part of, that’s my lasting memory.”

“People forget, when the Wii U launched, the performance over that life cycle was so poor, I mean it was the worst-selling platform, I think maybe Virtual Boy was a little bit worse, but Wii U underperformed pretty radically in the marketplace.”

“And when your only business is video games that next had to be successful and the Switch continues to be a dynamic platform – selling exceptionally well. And the ability for the company to come up with the concept, to bring it to life, to bring it to the marketplace, to have not only great first-party content but great third party and independent developer content – that is going to be something I will always be proud of.”

“Along with so many of the other things I was part of, but the Switch really was a make or break product for the company and luckily it was a hit.”

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